ABOUT taxi fabric

This project is about creating a space for designers to show off their ideas and talent, through the medium of Taxi Fabric.

Taxis in India, particularly in Mumbai, are not only the most convenient form of transport but have also become an iconic piece of culture. Although much attention is given to each taxi by its driver - to make it stand out from his competitors - very little thought is given to the fabric used on the seats. The designs that cover the taxi seats are often functional and forgettable and with the outstanding design talent Mumbai has to offer, this shouldn’t be the case.

Design, as a job or even simply something studied at school, is unfortunately not widely recognised in India. Older generations don't understand it- design to them, just performs a function. Many people don't know that design can create a real impact. With so few spaces for young people to show off their skills, it's hard to change that perception.

We put two and two together and started connecting designers with taxi drivers- turning seat covers into canvas’ for young Indian designers to show off their design talent and storytelling skills.

On this site we will be exhibiting all the Taxi Fabric designs, the stories behind them and insights from each of the designers.

the taxi fabric team

The Taxi Fabric dream is alive because of these amazing people - we wouldn't be here without them:

Ameya Kadam
Vinit Bhatt
Sushant Kadam

Cinematography: Vikas Maurya
Music: Karan Maniar
Production: Junaid Pandrowala
Editor: Ben Hutton

Sanket Avlani
Mahak Malik
Nathalie Gordon
Girish Narayandass

Special Thanks
Bipin Avlani
Shyam Mahindrakar
Lucky Banga
Vikram Gaikwad
Dean Prof. G. G. Waghmare


For any designers, illustrators and artists who want to design their own Taxi Fabric, there are two ways to see that happen: 

You can submit your portfolio and design concept (which must be inspired by Mumbai) to hello@taxifabric.org and we will get back to you once it has been reviewed by the team. As and when the project is fully funded, we will get in-touch with you to make your Taxi Fabric design happen!


You can email us about paying a one-off fee and the Taxi Fabric team will begin the process of making your Taxi Fabric design immediately. The fee will cover all costs including printing, cutting, stitching and fitting. From receipt of final design, the process of getting your design into a taxi only takes 2-4 days