Putting together shapes and lines from your culture and mine.

Bhel puri. Potpourri. Colour palette. Assorted Candy Box.
Mumbai is so diverse it’s hard to pick the perfect metaphor. 

It’s one of the biggest reasons why Mumbaikars love Mumbai. You could be a Gujarati/Marwari/Punjabi/Sindhi/Malayali/Assamese/Tamilian/Bengali and still be a Mumbaikar. Simply because you have grown up in the city.

Or you and your parents have grown up in the city.

Or you and your parents and your grandparents have grown up in the city.

And if such families weren’t enough to make Mumbai a bhel puri of culture and people, just take into account the lakhs of individuals who’ve been living and working in the city for years, away from their families.

It’s what makes Mumbai so interesting. And has inspired our latest designer, Tosha Jagad, to create ‘Potpourri Culture’ for Taxi Fabric.

Speaking of her design Tosha says, “Being a typography student I am interested in different scripts across the country and I wanted to incorporate that diversity which unites this city making it a potpourri of languages, cultures, religions and people. My design is a literal translation of Mumbai.”

Tosha feels she was lucky to have grown up in an artistically inclined family. Her father who’s an architect always encouraged her to find her own means of expression.


“I studied Commercial arts from Rachana Sansad and my mere interest in the subject of design turned into passion. From early on I was never satisfied with being tied down to a specific aspect of design. I always wanted to explore. Realising that a 9-5 design job wasn’t my cup of tea, I chose to freelance, which gave me a freehand to take up multiple projects that interested or challenged me.”

Tosha believes design is yet to be taken seriously in India. She points out how design is “still a half-baked concept, with the word ‘designer’ being synonymous with fashion and the word ‘artist’ with a painter. But that is slowly changing”


“It’s a brilliant idea. Very well planned and executed. The simple thought of transforming an iconic space - a taxi - into something of beauty is a great way of introducing art to the common man. It’s like a moving art exhibition. Instead of going to an art gallery, to view art, art has been sent to you.”

She further adds, “The thought of tens of thousands of people travelling in a taxi with my design work imprinted in it is a different high by itself.”

However, like any good designer, she feels we do have room for improvement. And we agree.

“We’ve had too many graphic covers. I’d like to see photographers, painters and typographers design covers for Taxi Fabric as well.”

So, if you’re a photographer/typographer/painter, here’s our email id: taxifabric@gmail.com :)


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