Jungle Book

Tasneem Amiruddin

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Little-little stories in a big concrete-concrete jungle

The design is about the little stories and happenings in and around in the daily life of a Mumbaikar. It's the little things that make life so bubbling in such a large and busy city like Mumbai. 

It's actually an interaction between the little-little stories that all of us come across being a part of the city and the iconic landmarks and structures like the gateway of India, the Arabian Sea, the rustic buildings, etc.

The vibrance of the city and the beautiful big and small stories are have heavily influenced my design.

"When I drove the taxi home, at first glance, my brothers refused to believe that it's my taxi.
My family is very happy.
This taxi is now yours as much as it is mine."

- Jayantbhai

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