Shweta Malhotra

Graphic designer / Illustrator



Let’s face it. Juhu beach isn’t exactly the best of beaches to visit. It’s overcrowded, it’s dirty for most part of the day and it lies in the heart of all the madness that is Mumbai.

But for most people who have grown up in this madness, just like our latest designer ShwetaMalhotra, Juhu Beach is all about nostalgia.


It’s about the lip smacking pav bhaji, the playful stray dogs, the celebrity joggers and the very opportunity to watch the sunset in your own city as a kid. Shweta’s design for Taxi Fabric brings out this nostalgia in all its glory.


“My theme for Taxi Fabric was ‘Chowpatty’, inspired from Juhu Beach especially. And bringing that vibe, the colours and the chaos onto the canvas. It was inspired by my time spent there as a child, so it was mostly nostalgic. And focusing on the beach which is an integral part of the city and bringing out its uniqueness as well. The colours and objects you see here, you pretty much won’t see anywhere else in the world", says Shweta Malhotra speaking of her design.

Like most designers even Shweta feels that design has a long way to go in our country. 

“It’s not as respected as a profession as well comparatively, but things are getting better and hopefully we’ll catch up soon.”, she further adds. 

She also feels that Taxi Fabric is putting design out there on the streets, literally, which is what got her excited to collaborate with us.

And we’re happy that she did. You may think it’s obvious to create a design inspired by Chowpatty for a Mumbai taxi, but hey, someone had to do it, right? :)

" I don’t think it attracts more customers, but the customers that do sit enjoy it a lot. Especially when children enter my taxi, they get very excited with the colours and designs. Some even ask me how my taxi has colourful gola (ice lolly) bottles and howcome my seats are better than other taxis.”
- Ali Asgar

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