Happily Ever After

Shaivalini Kumar

Graphic Designer / Illustrator


If you look closely at Mumbai’s architecture, it’s not hard to see how the city’s buildings, bridges and high rises are just as diverse as the people of Mumbai. You don’t need an eagle’s eye to see how VT Station and the Bandra-Worli Sea Link have nothing in common when it comes to their architectural style. And that is exactly what inspired Shivalini Kumar to design the latest Taxi Fabric.


“The architecture of Mumbai blends Gothic, Victorian, Art Deco, Indo-Saracenic and contemporary architectural styles. Many buildings, structures and historical monuments remain from the colonial era. All these buildings coexist beautifully and are also as resilient as the amazing people of Mumbai. It’s magical to see so many variations, from the Rajabai Clock Tower to the Gateway of India, from the Sidhivinayak Temple to even the unique shape and form of the Nehru stadium! I wanted to create a design that is a tribute to the Mumbai architecture by bringing the buildings to life.”    -    Shivalini Kumar


 Shivalini believes that even though design isn’t considered as a primary discipline, things have slowly started to change and “some sort of gravitation to a newer aesthetic has increased.”

 After deciding to pursue Illustration and Graphic Design, her biggest challenge was to work in the industry and create design solutions that tackled pre-conceived notions about the discipline. Her second biggest challenge, like most designers, was to find her own voice. 

“There was always this dilemma I had about whether I am more of an artist, or am I a designer, do I give more importance to personal projects or try and embrace commercial work. How do I put myself out there as an artist and build my style?” adds Shivalini. 

For her, Taxi Fabric is an opportunity to express her feelings for the city she loves in her own style and personality. But she also points out another interesting aspect about the project. 

“I feel Taxi Fabric is creating a close knit community for us designers where we get to learn about each other and understand what it is that incites each of us to create the work that we do today.” 

And she’s right. You see, every design that comes out of Taxi Fabric is not just an insight into the pulse of the city of Mumbai, but also an insight into the pulse of the designer.

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