You & I

Pranita Kocharekar

Artist / Graphic Designer / Typographer / Illustrator


A city is made by its people which is why Mumbai is a busy city. Everyone from a businessman to a vegetable vendor is busy living their dream, everything happens in fast forward here. I wanted to capture the business of the city through its people. Besides being a busy city, its also a stylish city, from stylish capes to plaid lungis - everyone has a style of their own, I love that. The taxi fabric design is creating an experience for the busy people to take a few moments and enjoy the ride. The backside of the front seats show a 2 dimensional still animation of people walking. In short, its capturing the business of our lives. 


I had a little conversation with Irfan bhai before designing the covers, and he didn't particularly have anything in mind for the designs. But, a beautiful coincidence took place which is why this project is so dear to me. A couple months ago, the same taxi driver drove me to a warehouse (where I needed to unload some goods), he voluntarily helped me through the process of unloading the heavy goods without asking for a tip. And today, I got to design his seat cover. He removed some time off his busy day to help me, and in return I did the same. This is karma and a beautiful coincidence. 

"People are enjoying the ride more. They ask about Pranita and the project. They take photos. This one guy got so excited, he insisted on speaking to Pranita to thank her for the experience. It feels good to see the passengers getting entertained."
- Irfan (Taxi Driver)

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