Pause & Play


Pragun Agarwal was one of the mentors at the Taxi Fabric Workshop, who guided 8 designers and anchored one of the four taxi fabric designs centred around the theme of ‘Water - The Elixir of Life'. One of the forecasted trends at #ColourNext17 by Asian Paints. This trend is inspired by water as an element that will see a spur in creative activism among artists & designers.

His team’s motivation behind the artwork was to create a stark contrast between two possible worlds - one where life flourishes and flows with water and the other where life is very mechanical and cold, comprising only man-made objects. As a team, they tried a yin-yang kind of rendition and focussed on this contrast, supported with relevant colours, mediums & content.

His taxi was titled ‘Pause and Play’ because the design’s intention was to nudge the viewer to stop and think of how we as humans have affected water as a resource in a negative way. But at the same time the artwork also exhibited the true potential of water, untouched, unfettered, in all its glory. The two different sides of the artwork was about introspecting and contemplating how we can choose a side and still make a big difference.

For Pragun, it was a first time experience mentoring and interacting with 8 talented designers from all over India. Each designer had a unique and interesting take on the concept and execution. Pragun felt the process was very organic and all 9 of them worked together as a team to reach the final outcome. Even though all of them were interested in lettering and calligraphy, given the concept and timeframe, they unanimously decided that they should have a more illustrative outcome. Everyone adapted quickly and the whole process was a very insightful experience.

For Pragun, ‘mentoring’ means to make everyone comfortable and involved in the whole process. From the concept to the final execution, he tried to make sure everyone had a say and a constructive contribution in each step. The final outcome therefore exhibits a collective effort devoid of any particular style or medium.

The main challenge he faced was to figure how to translate a hand-done/sketched medium onto a digital platform with such a limited timeframe. It was quite a task to scan, get the right resolution and then tweak the colours to match the overall theme. It was quite a marathon by the end of it, but totally worth all the effort!

Pragun is a Graphic Design graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, He graduated in 2014 and has been working in the field of branding and typography ever since. After three years of working in the field, he is currently working with translating branding into spatial environments. He still doesn't see himself narrowing down and focusing on just one particular area of Graphic Design yet, because he feels there is a lot to still see, explore and apply.

The visual culture of streets all over India is what inspires Pragun greatly as a designer. There is so much to soak in in terms of colour, typography and style, he feels.

To him Taxi Fabric is an amazing platform to promote artists and their work through a unique medium of automobile interiors. He speaks highly of the richness, character and breadth of work that has been done on the project so far. He reports how stimulating it is for him to be part of such a diverse group of artists.

Being a young designer, he feels it is important to collaborate and connect with other designers. Being a small and exclusive community, designers, he believes, have the potential to really elevate their work and make it more meaningful by learning from each other's unique experience.

This Taxi Fabric is supported by Asian Paints Colour Next 2017

ColourNext is an annual trend forecast done by Asian Paints. Tapping onto to the socio-economic trends & other environmental, lifestyle driven changes that affect our society, the forecast is translated for the design industry and presented in the form of Colours, materials, textures, finishes & patterns.