Norway Bombay


Anja Sofie Haugen 

Illustrator at Involve Advertising, Norway


Our next Taxi Fabric brings together Norway and India in one taxi. It reveals the dissimilarities between the two countries in their bare, beautiful forms. Here, the cold meets the warm. The pale hues of the icy mountains meets a land rich with colours. And the Northern Lights meet the Gateway of India. 


“We wanted to put a nordic background to the colourful and vibrant Indian culture.” says Espen Johnsen of Involve, a communications agency from Norway. The breathtaking Northern Lights of Norway dance across the ceiling, while star signs in the form of animals are dotted across the lit sky. Polar bears and reindeers are among the few animals deconstructed into sharp-edged geometric shapes, matching the ruggedness of the landscape. “We’ve chosen nordic animals that represent the rough and cold Nordic environment,” adds Anja Sofie Haugen, the illustrator from Involve. “At the same time they are dressed in the vibrant colours of India.”  


Having never visited India previously, Espen and Anja had to rely on their imagination to conjure up a sufficient amount of ‘Mumbai feeling’ in the design. That was the biggest challenge they faced. “It was fun to challenge ourselves in a city and culture that we knew too little about,” Espen smiles.

Speaking of India, he says, “The beautiful vibrant colours, different culture and architecture, landscape – and of course the people inspired me.” And so you can spot famous buildings and architecture of Mumbai in the taxi, including the Gateway of India. These structures have been doused in vibrant colours to give it an ‘Indian feel’.  


Adding a slight twist to the architecture, he says, “The well-known buildings of Mumbai are broken into geometric polygons that gives a modern expression in contrast to the classic architecture.” And so, tradition meets contemporary.


For the Norwegians, the Taxi Fabric project has shed some light on contemporary design in India. Excited by the idea of the project, Espen thought the possibility to show the people of India the importance of design was appealing. Roaming the streets of Mumbai, this taxi will now open eyes to the design culture of another country altogether.  

And so, despite being poles apart, Norway and India have come together to celebrate each of their unique cultures. With its radiant monuments in the forefront and a brilliant blue rugged terrain receding into the background, it dazzles the eyes of onlookers. As Espen rightly puts it, “Stay inspired. The world is full of beauty!” 


This Taxi Fabric is donated by Involve Advertising, Norway through our Kickstarter Campaign.

Photographs by Vihan Shah, Isha Jhunjhunwala and Mayur Mengle

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