To Bollywood With Love, Google India

Kafeel X Pranav


Bollywood’s glamorous journey would be incomplete without the dazzle of its vintage hand painted posters. In the 1900s, its sole purpose was to be eye catching. And it did exactly that. With its loud, gaudy colours and extravagant figures, it took the silver screen to its golden age.

Behind the scenes were talented artists painstakingly illustrating villains and heroes completely by hand. With accentuated curves and exaggerated expressions, they breathed life into the characters.

However, hand-painting is an art that is dying out due to quick and cheap digital production. Photoshopped images are rapidly replacing the striking brush strokes that once commanded attention. 

So, when Google decided to showcase Bollywood for their Taxi Fabric, they knew where to turn to for inspiration. “We wanted to keep Bollywood authentic, says Pranav, Art Director at Toaster, India.

Six movie posters, all hand painted by Kafeel in Jama Masjid, Delhi, are adorning the interiors of the Taxi. Memorable scenes from movies like Sholay, Dil Chahta Hai, and Rang De Basanti have been brought back to life. With 75 of these Taxis commissioned on the streets, they are sure to bring back the lost charm of the posters. Pranav was careful about choosing the correct movie scenes. “We decided to go with iconic ones that people recognise immediately.”

The Google campaign was aimed at promoting ‘Google Search’ through the visual depiction of Bollywood. Thus, a number of movie-related questions are dotted across the hand-painted posters. With a simple ‘Okay Google’ on your phone, you can fire away these questions and receive all the information about Bollywood within seconds. This amalgamation of technology and analogue has always been intriguing. On one hand, the technology promotes interactivity and user experience with the design. While, on the other, the fresh paint strokes infused with raw emotion give it a humane feel.

When asked what he thought of the Taxi Fabric project, Pranav exclaimed, “It’s great! I wish I had come up with the idea.” As for Taxi Fabric, we are extremely proud to have collaborated with Google to create this beautiful ode to Bollywood. This will be the first Taxi Fabric to have technology infused in its seams. 

So while Bollywood is wooing the world with its love stories, Google has fabricated its own love letter to Bollywood in the form of these stunning hand painted posters, that are now romancing the streets of Mumbai.


This Taxi Fabric Project is supported by Google.