Cycle Rickshaws at EDC India


Vivid colours of the daytime to the night's neon dreamscapes, EDC was nothing short of a lucid out of the world experience. A distinct union of technology and nature, driving inspiration from all five elements of nature. When Only Much Louder briefed us to come up with a design language for EDC India, we wanted to represent India in its true sense.


Electronic Daisy Carnival being such an iconic music festival has its own charm and the global identity caters to an audience with wider design sensibilities. Our task was to make it India specific but at the same time not lose its international essence. A challenge like this, is what we all wanted and we went all out with Indian funk and psychedelia. Neon pink, yellow, blue and green formed our primary palette, which was inspired from the plethora of colours that one comes across, walking around the streets of Old Delhi.


Mayur and Sanskar were very intrigued by the spectacular monuments around Delhi, which according to them are some of the most breathtaking examples of architecture. The illustrations, a fair representation of these monuments made with simple graphic monotone motifs and strokes accentuate the layering that went into these monuments’ architecture. "We decided to go heavy with the line work instead of introducing colour fill into already existent bright tones" says a gleamingly happy Sanskar.

TF EDC (9 of 9).jpg

Apart from the pure aesthetic perspective, we personally felt, there is nothing better than these historical monuments that can represent the capital in a socio-cultural context, claim the in-house Taxi Fabric superstars.

The most challenging task was producing these Rickshaws. This was the first time we worked on this format. Everything had to be done from scratch, from measuring cycle rickshaws edge to edge, to making templates for fabric printing and finally getting the fitting done.


Overall it was quite an exhilarating experience to have pulled this off in spite of such constraints and especially when we saw people interacting with them at the festival itself, it couldn't get any better. Cant wait to do more of these for Delhi roads.


Hindustan Times writes about TAXI FABRIC & EDC's collaboration here.