Bombay is a city of iconic symbols, people and whimsical dreams. A city that's constantly in character, almost like a movie set that sits ready for the action to begin any moment. It is also home to the relentless monsoons, which pays a prominent visit to the city, every year.

Inspired by the city's contradicting juxtapositions of its buildings and the rains that make a poet of a John Doe, this Taxi Fabric is a contemporary, graphic take on the Bombay monsoons and the different kinds of lives people lead, represented by the roofs they build above their heads. The artist explores the oceans that serenade the city, the buildings that have rapidly risen across the skyline, a constant reflection of dreams being born and realized, every single second in this thriving land.

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We collaborated with Arun Chanchal, a graphic designer and architect for this project. “The main inspiration behind the artworks was the beautiful skyline of Bombay. I started thinking about the experiences I’ve had in Bombay during monsoons and how it has left a positive mark on my life. The only thing that stood out was the aspect of togetherness; the rains allows you to spend more time with the people around, far removed from the digital world”.

In what will be a ride through Bombay’s harmony through the lens of her monsoons, Arun has reimagined the city in a futuristic tone, highlighting the landscapes through an abstract voice that leaves room for wonder and curiosity.

The design development began during a rainy weekend, when we approached Arun to interpret Bombay’s beauty through his visual language. In his pattern and artworks for this Taxi, one can see the heavy influence of architecture merged with the lines of ambiguous droplets of rain. “The project happened to me right when I was ending my academic tenure. Couldn’t have asked for a better time and opportunity.”

Telling us more about what he finds interesting about the Taxi Fabric project, Arun says, “I absolutely love the sense of individuality it brings out in every taxi. It is also a brilliant platform for independent artists and designers like myself to showcase their work. Your work is directly interacting with hundreds of viewers everyday, inside a moving vehicle. Nothing can be more engaging than that”.

This Taxi Fabric will soon be available as Textiles, watch this space for more!

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