Aditi Dash

Graphic Designer / Illustrator

Design matters. Whether functionally or aesthetically, we’re of the school of thought that it’s one of the pillars societal evolution stands on, even if most people tend to be dissonant about its contribution to the world. With new innovation and creative experimentation in the sphere of art and design constantly taking place, young Indian creators are always looking for inspiration. Providing them with both a unique canvas and a challenging yet scintillating artistic experience is Sanket Avlani’s endeavour Taxi Fabric.

Transforming India’s iconic kaali-peelis from within and giving their interiors a make-over of creativity, Taxi Fabric invites young artists to explore various themes upon the upholstery of cabs in the city. From Tasneem Amiruddin’s cheery Jungle Book designs, to Samya Arif’s creation representing India’s Partition, Taxi Fabric has both curated unique creative work, as well as provided taxis with captivating interiors. And as we reach the close of 2015, their New Year-ready latest taxi release is one for the books. As 24-year-old visual artist Aditi Dash-the mind behind this unique design-tells us, “After learning about the project, I was excited about such an initiative taking place in Mumbai. So when I had the chance to design one myself, I was thrilled to get on board. No better way to have my work reach out to the people of this fast-paced city than a taxi!”

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