The Original Influencers by Hatecopy

The 90’s was a period of being unabashedly bold and fearlessly brave. It was a period when social norms were challenged and women stepped in from all walks of life, paving the way for the future generations of women and men, likewise.

We collaborated with Maria Qamar of Hatecopy fame to bring back her idea of blast from the past, supported by adidas Originals and thereby also celebrating the launch of the iconic ‘Falcon’ shoe.


A design aesthetic that reflects a loud and confident mindset, Falcon harks back to the trailblazing attitude of the 90s. Taking inspiration from the rebellious and revolutionary female icons of that era, and the original ’97 Falcon DORF runner, Falcon is about being daringly bold and not letting other people’s opinion stifle your point of view or creativity. The Falcon attitude doesn’t mean that you don’t care about anything, it simply means that you do what you want to do, regardless of other people’s opinions. Drawing reference to the Spice Girls, Thelma and Louise, and Shampoo who once threw convention to the wind and let nothing stand in the way of doing whatever they pleased, Falcon now shows how creators today don’t let other people stand in their way.

The Falcon personality is one who is confident, eclectic, and individuals who are considered to be trailblazers of their own right.

Inspired by the big hair, big attitude, shoulder pads and dancing in vast floral fields, Maria recreated the timeless trio of the 90’s who paved the for the 90’s babies to be bold and fearless (and also use a lot of coconut oil). These were the didis who constantly pushed back and reminded us that they were way ahead of their time.


 For Maria, the woman of today doesn't stand down from any obstacle. She feels that being a woman in this time means to fight for your rights and the rights of others. It's about taking on challenges that can change the game, and succeeding in the same.

Here’s what the adidas Originals team has to say about the collaboration, “Creativity has always been key for adidas Originals. Be it our portfolio of products or brand cadettes, creativity and innovation is what drives our key brand ideology. Our association with Taxi Fabric and Maria Qamar is yet another strategic collaboration to amplify the brand’s support towards the creative space in India. We are glad that this collaboration has brought together an established artist like Maria Qamar to reimagine the bold and fearless 90s culture and create design work inspired by the Falcon to accentuate the brand campaign”.

Please write to us at if you want to hail this timeless Falcon!

This Taxi Fabric has been supported by Adidas Originals.