Sneak a hug and steal a kiss, without the driver noticing.

Taxi Fabric. Now plying on three wheels.

Sure, we call ourselves Taxi Fabric. But the truth is we love our rickshaws as much as we love our taxis. And if you’ve ever taken a rickshaw ride along Bandra Reclamation after 1 am you know exactly what we mean.

So when Sanuree Gomes decided to dedicate her Taxi Fabric design to the love struck couples of this city, we knew we had to hire a rickshaw.

“The rickshaw is inspired by the lovers of Mumbai from Reclamation to Bandstand to Worli Sea Face to Marine Drive, and every other lovers point in the city. It is so common to see couples sneaking hugs and stealing kisses in rickshaws and taxis. There had to be one taxi fabric dedicated to all the city lovers. ‘XOXO MUMBAI’ just had to be done”, says Sanuree, speaking of her design.

Sanuree started her design career early on by taking up small freelance jobs while still in college. After graduation, she started working as an art director in advertising.

“Working in ad agencies, I think a major challenge was to understand how to create good work within the guidelines often imposed by brands.”

Sanuree feels that as Indians we are blessed to be born in a nation with so many aesthetic styles that can inspire a designer.

“From the way a piece of fabric is draped in multiple styles of sarees across regions to the way our historical monuments are carved and built, ours is a wonderful nation with an inspiring plethora of unique creations.”



However as a designer, Sanuree feels that it’s time that people start appreciating the efforts put in by all the designers, artisans, fabricators and everyone else who is trying to create work that is aesthetic and functional at the same time.

She believes that “when good design is placed before people they will notice and understand its function.”

So if you ever happen to hop into Sanuree’s rickshaw, XOXO Mumbai, with your date for the evening or the love of your life, understand that it wants the two of you to steal a sloppy kiss.

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