The three wheel vibe


When it comes to public transport the everyday Indian commuter is more likely to hop into an auto-rickshaw than a cab. These three-wheeled beauties can be found in most cities across India and they come in all shapes and sizes.

So when Sanskar Sawant took a cross country road trip, he couldn’t wait to communicate what he saw. Taxi Fabric became his canvas and he created the ‘Three Wheel Vibe’. 


 Speaking of his design Sanskar says, “I was on a cross country road-trip from Jaisalmer to Katmandu, and I saw a lot of India in a very less time. The thing which sparked me up in every state was its three wheelers. Even my friends were surprised to see the pictures I had clicked sitting on the manual peddle rickshaws. I felt like writing a blog about this but always had a doubt if I could communicate what I had seen. Then one day Taxi Fabric came along and helped me in showcasing different three wheelers across India in a single three wheeler in Bombay. It’s not just a canvas which I have designed. The auto rickshaw has become a story. It educates you, entertains you and freshen ups your mood.” 

Sanskar started his career at an ad agency after graduating in communication design.

“The biggest challenge wasn't getting there but to work with my interests. It doesn't make sense to me to choose a career of my choice and still not do what I thought I would be doing”

And he feels India is slowly emerging when it comes to design.

“Nowadays people feel the need to make things look good and customise it for themselves. Print, digital, automobile and spaces are all now made with aesthetics in mind. I won’t be surprised if people start buying things that look good over performance”

Sanskar was thrilled when we approached him to design our next auto rickshaw. And for a good reason.

“Taxi Fabric is an amazing platform for young designers like me. This was a project where I wasn’t working for a client or a creative director. I had to do something I'm good at and not what the consumer wants. This was by far my only project where I wasn't questioned for what I did. I just had to express what I felt and I think I’ve done a decent job”

“I'm sure you guys are making at least 100 people smile every morning”

Well Sanskar, thank you for helping us achieve that. 


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