If the city were an object, what would it be?

The taxi fabric that objectified Mumbai.

Well, before you judge us for sounding insensitive, listen to what Sameer Kulavoor has to say about his design for Taxi Fabric.

“I moved to my own home in Mumbai a few months back and also moved studio recently. The whole process has been exhausting and fulfilling at the same time. I was thinking about how this city challenges you at every step and you how come out stronger through those experiences. My design 'City As Objects' compares the city with objects/tools of daily use. I find the analogy interesting in a dark but funny way. It’s a tribute to the resilience of the people of Bombay. If one can make it here, he/she can make it anywhere in the world!”


Sameer firmly believes that ‘the design awareness of the average Indian needs uplifting.’ Having said that, he is also quick to add that “at the same time we have some great ‘design’ happening in fashion, products and interiors which caters to a highly design-conscious niche.”

He started his career at an early age, freelancing as a cartoonist when he was just 15. However, it was his time at JJ School of Applied Arts that got him hooked on to design and illustration.

Having already established himself as a designer, Sameer feels that his biggest challenge now is to “constantly evolve and to not get stagnant.”

Sameer finds India’s diversity to be highly inspiring. In fact, he finds it overwhelming at times.

“Every state in India has its own culture, traditions and history. India often seems like a collection of different small countries. There’s a lot to learn from our past as well as our present for designers and I wish we stopped aping the west.”


Sameer’s design for Taxi Fabric features everyday objects from drill machines to old-fashioned hand-operated citrus juicers.

For him, these objects symbolize the resilience of the people of Mumbai. So, if you ever happen to hop into Sameer’s Taxi, it could be a fun idea for you to pick an object from his design that best represents your resilience :-)


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