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As a burgeoning Metropolis, Mumbai makes space for thousands of dreams every day. While this spirit of opportunity is rightly romanticised, it is equally important to be sensitive to the strain it puts on our city.

The green spaces of Mumbai often become innocent victims of the evolving urban environment, shrinking in size to accommodate ever growing ambitions.

And while most of us understand the need for a more balanced existence with nature, some like our next designer, have taken on the responsibility of working towards it.

Pavithra Dixit’s love for design and typography is only paralleled by her love for nature. An avid home gardener, she says, ‘Nature is astoundingly beautiful in ways nobody can comprehend.’ And to help Mumbaikars explore this beauty, she has brought to nature to life in our kaali peeli. Through her design, Urban Garden, she aims to celebrate and inspire more people to appreciate nature amongst them.

pd_taxifabric_final-76 (1).jpg

Having graduated from Rachna Sansad in Mumbai, Pavithra enjoys the challenge of finding her voice of reason while simultaneously involving design thinking in her work. Citing Indian social and cultural history as another strong source of inspiration, she says, ‘It is a treasure trove of knowledge if only people really looked for their roots. It's far more difficult to adapt Indian-ness in the work but I hope to get there at some point.

While acknowledging that the design culture of India is still nascent, Pavithra points out its strength as a system rooted in art, culture and lifestyle and believes that, ‘ It is slowly being tapped into and the outcomes are strong, bold and modern with a traditional aesthetic in place.’

Design for her is not only a means of personal expression but also an opportunity of global conversations, ‘Cross pollination in design is one of the healthiest bridges that can be built helping countries bond together.’

She sees Taxi Fabric as a canvas to explore the juxtaposition between design and society with the potential to be a great interaction platform for a mass design language. She is particularly appreciative of the fact that the Taxi Fabric team is committed to the realisation and portrayal of the design as much as the design itself.

In her own words, ‘Every taxi looks the way it does not only because the design is fabulous but also because (Mahak/Production team) takes the effort to make it shine in the best way possible. Also the team of photographers who've been shooting the taxi's are the reason the world gets to see the best possible vision of every single taxi made.’

Echoing our inspiration to contribute to the development of design in India, Pavithra says, ‘I hope it helps place India in the global map of design as a place of great talent.’

It means a lot to us coming from a young but mature, bold but sensitive designer like Pavithra, who accommodated the Taxi Driver’s request for more colour, and at the same time articulated Mumbai’s need for a breath of fresh air.


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