Making men think about how women are treated in Mumbai.

Encouraging them to be more sensitive towards a woman’s freedom.

By a woman. For the women.  

Women, in general, don’t feel safe in our country, especially in the public space. They often have to be mindful of things, men don't.  And we’re doing little to change that. When we approached our latest designer for Taxi Fabric, she expressed her desire to design a taxi seat cover that is dedicated to the women of Mumbai and these invisible rules she has to live by. 

Speaking of her design, Roshnee Desai says, “The different standards in Indian society for all our people be it women, workers etc has always intrigued me and caused me to rebel. The Fakt Striyansaathi graphic. ("Only for women") outside the women's train compartments has always been on my mind. I decided to turn the concept on its head, and create a men's compartment in the taxi, giving me a perfect way for me to rebel graphically.”

The design is called ‘Fakt Purushansathi’. It’s a Marathi phrase which means ‘Only for men’ due to its symbology. She says the taxi will make the men of Mumbai think of how they treat their women and encourage them to be more sensitive towards their freedom.  

She feels that design and planning isn’t ‘really a part of our popular DNA in India’ and is often confused with fine art or illustration.

Roshnee started her design career at MTV. Hailing from a non-design background, the biggest challenge she faced was to find her own voice, which took her through various adventures.

We’re glad that Roshnee found her voice. And with this taxi seat cover, she has tried to give a voice to the women of Mumbai in her own little way.

  This Taxi Fabric project has been supported by  TEDxGatewa y

This Taxi Fabric project has been supported by TEDxGateway

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