In this wild wild city, we exchange energy on the daily. Take a moment to reflect your magic very clearly.

Where you came from? Where you going? Present on this journey. Magic for you to protect so you can share unconditionally.

Images shot by Amey Kadam
with the vintage KB10



Mumbaikars have an interesting relationship with the madness and chaos that makes up their city. They love the madness, but hate the chaos. And if you’re a Mumbaikar, you probably prefer curling up at home to escape the traffic snarls and tight schedules on any given day. Or find your bubble of peace in a quiet café or abookstore. You wouldn’t get into a rickshaw to find peace in the middle of all the commotion. Well, our latest collaborator, Nor Black Nor White, would have you believe otherwise.  

Speaking of their design NBNW says, “We brainstormed around ideas to think of all that we’d like topersonally experience if our rickshaw was our mobile oasis, in the midst of chaos. There is so much magic in this city, and it can often get depleted or spread so thin because of the amount of people and things happening. The imagery from the galactic womb to the clouds to the galaxy was designed to help trigger some macro reflections. The plant filled library, gives the riders a reason to put their phones away, relax and pick up some easy reads.”

To those who don’t know, Nor Black Nor White is a design project that aims to re-invent disappearing Indian art forms to create textile designs of the future. They call themselves “partly an anthropological experiment, part art and part fashion.”

Their approach to designing our next taxi fabric was essentially about creating a ‘space’ that engages and indulges the commuter.  

“The hand-woven fabric seating and rugs with cozy cushions were made to create a living room type of feel. Our goal was to create a space that makes your heart feel warm and provides a home of peace andreflection. It's so easy to get caught up in the daily hustle of the city that we often forget about the big pictureand the magic within each of us. There are a limited edition number of zines created by Bombay Underground that will be distributed by the driver to whoever he has a connection with”, elaborates NBNW.

NBNW started six years ago as a design project after a trip to Kutch inspired its founders.

“We spent time with a beautiful Bandhani family that was experimenting with the classic Bandhani tie dye designs. On that trip we also found beautiful vintage ghagras and were so inspired by all the possibilities, that we created our first collection.”

They feel design in India is taken for granted and believe that every corner of India is inspiring for a designer.  

   Image   by Mitwa Vandana

Image by Mitwa Vandana

“Colours, symbols, shapes, hairstyles. There are so many design details everywhere. From the diverse fabrics, to the truck and rickshaw stickers and hanging accessories, the colour blocking of the subziwallas and the marching band costumes, everything pays attention to such intricate design details and often it feels like people are blind to the incredible details everywhere.”

We, at Taxi Fabric, feel fortunate that NBNW approached us to design this rickshaw. They were so excited that they even designed a custom NBNW uniform for the rickshaw driver.

If we were to summarize NBNW’s design, we would say they’ve created a library nestled in outer space that is floating amidst clouds and galaxies and rainbows with a captain in uniform holding the wheel. Well, goodbye chaos. Hello magic.



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