the good, the bad
and the beautiful

Filmy Chakkar

If you grew up in the nineties, you may remember Filmy Chakkar - an old comedy serial that used to air on Zee TV. It was based on the lives of a small family that was obsessed with Bollywood. Actor Satish Shah played Prashant, and his wife Rukmani was played by Ratna Pathak Shah. Yes, Sarabhai Vs. Sarabhai wasn’t the first time they played a funny couple on the small screen.

That show was one of the first creations on Indian television that reflected the impact Hindi films had on the masses. Funny or not, it was definitely a tribute that connected with its viewers on a totally filmy level.

And that’s what our latest designer, Namrata Vijay Gosavi, has tried to achieve with her design for Taxi Fabric. She calls it ‘The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful.  


Speaking of her design she says, “I was born and brought up in this city. And I travel by taxi daily. I have been seeing this iconic vehicle since my childhood. And to design something iconic, Bollywood was the apt theme for this. Bollywood is very thematic in its own way. It has a particular format of ‘hero’, ‘heroine’ and ‘villain’. So I decided to create this design by featuring iconic characters from Hindi films. The design was named ‘The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful’ as it carries iconic heroes, villains and heroines.”

Namrata started working in advertising after graduating from JJ School of Arts. She admits that she’s a graphic designer at heart. And which is why working in an industry that is primarily driven by art direction can get challenging.

“I had started my career in advertising where design was limited to art direction, print and photography. Design is what I love to do. I practice it daily by doing illustrations, graphic design etc. So working as a visual designer in advertising was challenging. But I love ideas and design both. So I never see advertising and design as two separate things. I just try to bring the two together to create something better”

Namrata feels design in India is changing for the better.


“People have started understanding the importance of design. They are open to new ideas. Even in advertising, conventional art direction has now changed to designing around ideas that are innovative”

And, as a designer, she finds India very inspiring.

“Everything is so colorful, crafted, detailed. And what is more fascinating is that these aspects change from region to region. The architecture, the colors, the textile, the food, the people, everything is inspiring here. The ancient structures of India also fascinate me a lot. They are rich in terms of design aesthetics. India is culturally very rich. We need to travel as much as we can and get inspired”

Namrata loves the fact that her design would be reaching so many people every day.

“With Taxi Fabric, I wanted to make something that passengers can interact and relate with. And that’s what I set out to achieve with the Bollywood theme. In our movies, the hero always defeats the villain and saves the heroine. That’s how we live here. It’s a way of living in Bombay. We believe that to save the beautiful, the good will always defeat the bad”

Well, yeh filmy chakkar hai Namrata, sabko aata hai. 


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