Inspired from a fashionable, retro, local,

intricate, organic, bold but a unique nature of the city.

This city has so much character to explore and observe from the window of a taxi. The Fiat Padmini Premier’s iconic quality of the eighties was one of the inspirations for the style of illustration. The challenge was to work in that size [and] not make it too heavy to the eye, because you to have to sit in a taxi for at least half an hour.

To be a designer/illustrator is not one of those safe professions that gets you a job after finishing your education. It is a struggle to find what you love doing. This is an opportunity for designers to create something that will interact directly with the people of Mumbai.

"I moved here 40 years ago from Amritsar and since then I've been driving taxis. Never imagined one of India's finest talents would be working on my taxi. All my friends, taxi drivers, want one as well."
- Tara Singh (Taxi Driver)

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