A hundred year old generation of 20 somethings that saw the same dream. A free India.

One hundred years of revolt. Spread over 8 metres of Taxi Fabric. 

Today, on our Independence Day, we announce our tenth Taxi Fabric in collaboration with designer Kunel Gaur. His design ‘A century of Revolt’ is inspired by a century of struggle by young India desperate for freedom. Kunel is the most experienced designer we have had the good fortune of collaborating with here at Taxi Fabric.    

“I started my career working with the team from London Underground to design signage and way finding system for Delhi Metro. It was intensive but amazing and insightful - learning what works and how it works from their experience and adapting it to our city. The real challenge was execution, getting the right material to make the things more eco-friendly and light-weight - kind of the only thing that worked for them, and didn't for us.”

Kunel Gaur Taxi Fabric 1

Speaking of his design, Kunel adds, “My original idea was to do a fresco inspired piece around the Indian independence, I thought of dedicating it to those I admire for the courage and strength to carry on a war for freedom, for over 100 years - the freedom fighters. I wanted to show them floating hand-in-hand in a utopian scene of a free India that they must have dreamt of when they took it upon themselves to fight for it. 

His design is intricate and emanates a feeling of grandeur, which fits perfectly with his idea of ‘a century of revolt.’

He also describes his interaction with the taxi driver. And it is something that has moved us all at Taxi Fabric.

“The Taxi Driver, Mr. Mohammed Arif told me about his uncle who was himself a freedom fighter. At most times when the artwork was being fitted to his taxi, he would stare at it in silence.” 

Kunel also gave us his perspective on the state of design in India.

“Design is steadily coming of age in India. Brands know what design can do for their business, and they go the mile, incorporporating best practices. But theres still a mile to go, one that tells the difference between work that is backed by a lot of needless research and work that is intuitive. We need more intuitive work“

Kunel Gaur Taxi Fabric 2

Which is probably the reason why he describes the Taxi Fabric project as “a healthy dose of 'good design' to a canvas that moves, touching each and every person”. And wishes to see Taxi Fabric change taxis in other cities around the country.

These past few days have been extremely overwhelming for us. First it was Samya, a young Pakistani designer, whose design celebrated our similarities and showed us how good design can connect people no matter which side of the border they belonged to. And now with Kunel, whose design can easily adorn the roof of another Sistine Chapel, if there was one. 

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