make me a taxi fabric designer

For any designers, illustrators and artists who want to design their own Taxi Fabric, there are two ways to see that happen: 

You can submit your portfolio and design concept (which must be inspired by Mumbai) to and we will get back to you once it has been reviewed by the team. As and when the project is fully funded, we will get in-touch with you to make your Taxi Fabric design happen!


You can email us about paying a one-off fee and the Taxi Fabric team will begin the process of making your Taxi Fabric design immediately. The fee will cover all costs including printing, cutting, stitching and fitting. From receipt of final design, the process of getting your design into a taxi only takes 2-4 days

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We have been touched with the huge outcry of support that has come our way. It has been a great journey so far and all credit goes to the amazing people coming forward to be a part of the project in some way or the other. 

We are always open to exciting collaborations. Just give us a shout out if you would like to contribute your skills to help us grow further.

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