Pause for a moment, and feel the small joys of life.

A taxi that urges you to stop, breathe and feel before taking you anywhere.

Days don’t just go by in Mumbai. They sprint at warp speeds. It’s like watching F1 cars whiz past before your eyes. Each day racing behind the other, all in equal hurry. 

Ankita Shinde, who has designed the latest Taxi Fabirc, feels that we have forgotten to stop and smell the roses in Mumabi’s mad chaos. And that is exactly what her design ‘Stop. Breathe. Feel’ wishes to communicate.

Speaking of her design, Ankita explains, “I met my taxi driver and the taxi owner today. When I asked them what they like about the city and what are the places they go to in their free time, they replied- "There is no free time. We are always so busy running our business. We don't go anywhere or do anything. We just take the customers to the places they want to go to." This sentence made my idea that I had in my mind even stronger. 

Elaborating further on the thought process behind her design, Ankita adds,“ I want to tell people to pause for a bit, breathe and indulge in the small joys, feel things, like yoga, writing, painting, dancing in the rain. I want to make the people feel a sense of calmness as soon as they sit inside this taxi.  The illustrations I place all around the taxi interiors will serve as a mood board/suggestion board for them to do these things and feel a sense of calm in this crazy city.”

So, if you ever happen to hitch a ride in Ankita’s taxi, and feel the urge to turn the knob down on things, go ahead and do so. For a moment, let your day stroll by, and not race ahead. 

Ankita Shinde's Taxi Fabric was sponsored through Kickstarter
by W+K London

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